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Oh, hello. I didn’t hear you come in. Have a seat with us, don’t be shy. Would you care for some tea? No? Not your thing? Well, then …

How about a story?

I love to tell stories, you see. I have seen many beautiful worlds, many strange and amazing creatures, and many deeds heroic and villainous. I have flown on the wings of the wind through weathered mountaintops and the crowns of towering trees in the heart of the deepest forests. I have trekked deep into the very rock of the earth to the space in between darkness and light. I have felt for myself the heartbeat of a newborn dragon against my palm, feeling the fire coursing through her veins.

But what good are all these to me unless I tell others about them? To share my experiences is to hope you feel the same thrill of emotion and excitement that I did, to know that you imagine yourself alongside my heroes standing in the way of my villains, to have faith that you believe what you are reading is true, if only for a moment.

What’s that you say? Are my stories true? Well … that’s not for me to say. I’m just here to tell them. Whether they are true or not is up to you.

The Living Stone UPDATED

Here is a most interesting tale, about a world on the razor edge of extinction. No one is safe in this world, not even the dragons were assured dominance in the end. It is the darker side of a world where magic once reigned, where all the horrible plans the worst villains schemed up came to pass, and not even they were safe in the end. Can such a place be saved this close to the end? Well, I think so. Let us find out together. I tell this tale in parts, and it will go on as long as it has more to say.


Prelude: An introduction to the world of Living Stone

Chapter 1: Law of the Wasteland.

Chapter 2: Raiders and a Thief.

Chapter 3: Hunting Goblins, Seeking Dragon.

Chapter 4: Invading the Invaders.

Chapter 5: The Mountain in the Vast.

Chapter 6: Unlikely Hero NEW



Prologue: Twin Stars

Chapter 1: The Road

Chapter 2: Lesson

Dragon Hero


Chapter 1: The Dream

Chapter 2: The Raven

Chapter 3: The Mage

Chapter 4: The Teachers



Chapter 1: Upset

Chapter 2: Hidden

Chapter 3: Secrets

Enigma NEW


Chapter 1: Order & Outcasts NEW

Thoughts of Dragons

Over here is my journal, where I keep some interesting thoughts and where my dragons make their thoughts known. I don’t write in it often, but keep an eye on it as there are some stories I like to tell here.

Thoughts of Dragons Original Livejournal Account (no longer updated)

Draconic Ego New Tumblr Account (updated frequently)

Yes, Treasure Hunters is a part of Cael's Tales, it is also affected by YOU the reader! Check it out, and watch carefully for when voting is open to move the story in the direction that you desire!