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Welcome to DarkFireGraphics.com archive for August 2010. Here are our news posts for that month


Bit of news from Trent!

Seeing as how we're now moving into a new month, an idea occurred to me. The site looks good, content is flowing, we're got a nice staff, but something seems to be off. I'm missing something, but what could it be? It hit me, my original plan was for the comics to have their own variation on the DFG Banner!

After feeling stupid and rather silly for forgetting one of my plans for the site, i decided to start working on this, and the first of the improvements has been completed, and that is to the Downgraded! pages, they now match their logo and have their own DFG variant banner!

I know, I know it's just cosmetic changes and it's rather soon for such things, but I feel that this site is my baby, my life's dream, so i may as well make it sparkle like a gem! Even if it's just to lure people in before they realise that we use the site to implant nanomachines into your brain for our own amusement and master plan...i mean...-cough-

Also we now have Archives set up for this news feed! They will be set up by month, so if you ever feel like checking what we've said before, because you're a creepy stalker like that, NOW YOU CAN!

So spread that madness folks, and don't forget we would love to hear from you! Either hit up the Facebook page or head over to the Contact Us page and shoot one of us an e-mail!



Extra Update:

Cael's Tales has updated! Check out the new blog post on Thoughts of Dragons!


A little late on today's updates, I believe today's Downgraded! should answer any questions you may have as to a reason why it happend...

Also, Ask Chris Question 7! Trust me when I say that it is about time we start getting to the nerdy part of this comic! Check it out and keep sending those questions!

Spread the madness!



Extra Update:

Cael's Tales has updated! The Living Stone Chapter 3 is online! go check it out and if you havent read any yet, start from the beginning...it's confusing to start anywhere else.

Ask Chris question 6 is up! Another thrilling question from Maria.Griggs...keep them questions coming folks!


Combat Disadvantage: Will & Simon encounter #1 has been posted! Sorry for the wait but i spent a good deal of time on this and really hope you enjoy it!

Downgraded!: It seems friday's shall be our Special Downgraded! Day, we just love posting our favorite Downgraded! ideas on fridays, so keep that in mind, every friday shall be the DFG Favs on Downgraded!

Keep those e-mails coming, and post on our Facebook page & discussion board! We would really love to hear from you! The more fans, the more content, and the innevitable opening of Fan Submissions!

Keep spreading the madness and glory!




Since we missed a day of Downgraded! I felt it made sense to type something today. We currently have a plague attempting to sabotage us here at DFG, but hopefully its been thwarted and will no longer be a problem!

Downgraded! is having its missing update as well as today's update so on the right as always is the latest one, and if you click HERE you can see the missing issue from the 25th.

Reviews: No new updates just yet but we have Fallout 2 from grimm incoming as well as Zap's review on mouse guard! These are rather interesting games that you may find you could enjoy! Also we have a NEW reviewer joining the team, can't say much about him right now except that he will be reviewing console and handheld games! The first series he wants to work on is the Suikoden series! so stay tuned for our new reviewer!

Combat Disadvantag: Chapter 1 of The Adventurer's Guild and Dhyrn Doomtooth will be online before the end of the week! Be ready for em!

Tactical Apocalypse: We now have a new character designer for our pride and joy! We have been waiting and looking for somebody to make our baby become real, make sure you check it out once it FINALLY comes alive. we're really excited for this comic, it's our original reason for this site, and we wanted to make sure it was a wonderful experience for you all!




Brandon here, sorry for the late updates today, I have a good reason for it! Today is my anniversary with the wonderful woman i love, so the new combat disadvantage will be delayed, the delays should stop once things settle down here at my new home and i begin my new job. Thank you for your patience, and remember you can always harrass us by e-mail (check the contact us page) or on the Facebook DFG page!

Now onto what IS updated today:

New Downgraded! and keep watch because we are saving our personal favorites for every friday!

Ask Chris question #5! My mother sent chris an e-mail with quite a few questions so chris has started in on those, so go check it out! Don't forget, keep sending your questions, no matter how strange, to askchris86@gmail.com! The more often people send questions, the more often he updates!

An update to Cael's Tales should be coming within the next few days to The Living Stone, a wonderful story if you ask me! Also, there is an update to his blog, Thoughts of Dragons, so check them out and feel free to e-mail Tyler, or hit up the facebook page, with your feedback, I know he would love to hear from you!

Spread the madness around people, we love the attention!




Ask Chris is up to question #4! Keep sending your questions, no matter how strange, to askchris86@gmail.com! The more often people send questions, the more often he updates!

New Downgraded! every weekday, posts should be up shortly after midnight!

New Review! Zap reviews the tabletop game "Deadlands" so check it out, it's an interesting system that you and your friends might enjoy!

More Combat Disadvantage on the way! Expect the first issues of 'Will and Simon' campaign, 'The Adventurer's Guild' ,and 'The Wild Mage Chronicles' very soon!

New content is always popping up all over darkfiregraphics.com so keep the support, send e-mails, heck harrass us as much as you want! WE LOVE ATTENTION...AND BRAIN TUMORS!

Spread the word! Don't forget to join our fans over at the facebook page for DarkFire Graphics, and did I forget to mention we have a discussion board there, thats right for the time being our only discussion board is on the facebook page, so leave us a comment, make fun of us, or just ask us a question. We pay a lot of attention to the FB page so if you want to see if we will respond to you, get on over there!




We have Downgraded! scheduled as a monday-friday posting, the latest one is online!

Ask Chris updates often, but not on any set schedule at the moment, and is currently at its 3rd question! Keep the questions coming and more ask chris will flow through the internet and into your face!

Cael's Tales updated his blog, go and check it out as well as his chapters currently posted of the story The Living Stone!

Expect the review from Zap on the tabletop game Dead Lands within the week!

Rumor has it we have another member joining the Review team, keep updated here and on the facebook page to find out more!

Content is steadily flowing in, with more to come! so keep yourselves glued to your computer screen, and remember, REAL gamers wear depends!



Let us begin...
First thing's first, along with the grand opening of this webpage we have a few issues of our comics, our first review, and some stories uploaded such as;

Combat Disadvantage~A comic about random situations that happen in our own gaming experiences. and the BS that got us through them!

Downgraded!~A comic that we will be uploading daily, if possible, that's nothing more then the random nonsence that happens here at the DFG Home! (No we don't do drugs)

Ask Chris~Chris Stratton has a simple little comic for you, where YOU ask the questions, and he answers them, nobody ever said he would be right though. Send your questions to askchris86@gmail.com!

Reviews with Grimm and Zap!~Our first review coming from Grimm (Patrick Keith) is about the very first Fallout game, and he will be working over time on reviews for the whole Fallout series. Zap (Jeff Robicheau) will be reviewing tabletop games, but those will be coming soon.

Cael's Tales~Tyler Clapp's blog, Thoughts of Dragons, as well as the first few instalments of one of his stories, The Living Stone, are already posted for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned for updates to both, as well as stories new and old showing up from time to time.

Coming Soon!

Tactical Apocalypse~A comic about Brandon, Tyler, and Patrick's alter egos living life with some very strange roommates involved in peculiar and clandestine circumstances! Huge cast of characters, epic storyline, something about a duck, and much, much more!

Salutations and Solutions~Our own Podcast about whatever we are talking about at the time of recording. We arent always aware of the recording because it has a mind of it's own! It's possessed I swear! Also will include little bits of what's to come and a Q&A section from what you send to our inbox. (PS: It's got a gun, send help!)

Meet the Staff~An area where you can see what the hell we look like, and learn a little bit more about us.

Expect a lot of great content to start formulating in the not so distant future!

Stay tuned for when we plan to accept fan submissions for one of our comics, or for your own little comic you want to test out!

So please, grab some snacks, and enjoy what we have to offer!

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