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DarkFire over 1000 views in 1 month!
Welcome to DarkFireGraphics.com archive for September 2010. Here are our news posts for that month


I Spoke Too Soon...

Trent here... As some of you know, I'm essentially the head honcho here at DarkFireGraphics, I manage every feature, keep everyone in contact, make the site look good and updated. I also I do Combat Disadvantage, Downgraded!, and the soon to be revieled Tactical Apocalypse.

Just so you all know, my luck just keeps going downhill. Today after waking up, i sat down with my laptop to get TacAp, Downgraded!, and Combat Disadvantage done so that today would be loaded with new content...well my laptop disagreed. The power cord for my laptop fried, so those projects will unfortunately be on hold whilst i await my replacement.

Cronos, creator of Ask Chris, has generously taken Downgraded! duties while my laptop is out of commission! So lucky for you all at least that feature isn't getting hurt!

"But Trent, how are you able to update the site without your laptop?"

Simple my friends, I'm a paranoid guy and have been littered with bad luck the past 4 or 5 years...SO foreseeing a problem like this, I do the website updates from my Desktop PC! Lucky for you all huh?

Just so you all know, I am trying to stay positive and not fall apart with the problems I'm having lately both here with the site, in my life, and in my lack of work...-sigh- This site is what I've wanted to do so I'm just keeping focus on it!

Thanks for the support, the amazing number of hits, and don't forget...Spread the madness!


News & Updates & More!

End of september and the problems seems to be settling down, course as i say this the whole internet may as well just explode, thus causing a global crisis! People throughout the globe will charge into the streets armed with whatever they can find! "BRING US BACK OUR INTERNETS!" They will shout as they all begin tearing everything and everyone apart! PURE AND TOTAL CHAOS CONSUMES THE WORLD AND IT SHALL BE THE END OF ALL THINGS...

Sorry about that... Anyways, here's the updates!

New Reviews! Zap Reviews MouseGuard! Later on today our new reviewer Noctis reviews Katamari! and by the end of the week Grim will bring us the next installment in his Fallout Review Series!

Downgraded! will be up later today, mainly because Trent will be looking over the drawings for the first issue of...

TACTICAL APOCALYPSE Episode 1 (but it's a comic-SHUT UP!) Will be up later this week as well, sorry for the slow delivery on this baby but like we said we wanted it to look good, and we hope you like it!

Combat Disadvantage will be up later today as well, it too is being plagued by the horrid technical difficulties...

Like I said before, we're working through the problems but none-the-less we are trying.

Trent would like to mention that if you like the site, and would like to show us that you do then just e-mail us, comment the facebook page, or if you're feeling truely generous then donate some money to help us keep working! some of the staff have normal jobs, while Trent is still trying hard to get one! just hasn't been a good time for Trent lately so he's been working his ass off on the site!

Heck, maybe someday the site will make enough for Trent, and maybe us all, to truely call this our job! For now, however, we'll be happy with any contributions from our fans! We do this all for you, and love to know what you think!

Spread The Madness!

~DFG Staff


More Problems...

But we're working through them. here's todays updates!

New Downgraded and New Ask Chris with his power turned back on!!

Sorry for all the issues lately, we're really trying to get past them!

Spread the madness!



Fixed...I hope...

Trent here again, the problems seem to be fixed for the time being, if you find any broken links or anything that isn't working properly contact us however you can, the facebook page, e-mail, if you know us just call us.


New Downgraded! The word is spreading...what's next?

New Treasure Hunters! This one's pretty cool guys, check out the treasure hunters page, the roster of characters, and the actual first chapter of their tale!

New Review from Zap! If it isn't up right away just hold tight, trying to get it online as we speak!

Always some crazy new stuff happening over here, for better or worse, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Spread the madness!

Technical Difficulties

Trent here, sorry i had set the site up for an update at 5am but we had issues connecting to the servers, im trying now to see if i can hold connection long enough just for this news post. we're trying to figure it out and the updates for today will be up momentarily...i hope. thanks for the patience everybody!


Update and News

Hey! New Ask Chris' which seems to be doing amazingly well on Thewebcomiclist.com, so he's been popping them babies out like a cat on crack!

I've been recieving a lot of questions as to WHY the different ranking buttons have a different number from each other, I figured i'd explain to those who don't quite understand.

Each of our comics has their own ranking on the site, it updates on its own so i have no say on that. But each one is the rank of the feature it's connected to, the little one over there ------> is for our site all together! lets see how good we can make this place for all who come by because they don't know any better!

Spread the madness and don't forget our little facebook page!



New Feature!

Hello readers! This is Tyler, here with some important news about our newest feature, “The Treasure Hunters” story.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, another new feature? Those Darkfire rascals, always coming up with some new shenanigans.” We want to have a variety of comics, stories, and art you good folks could enjoy, with something new every day. We wanted to offer as much as we could for the same price as everyone else. That’s part of our value. We still have Tactical Apocalypse, the original brainchild of the site still coming. That’s right, the idea we wanted to show first is being shown last, THAT’S how committed we are to bringing you both quality and quantity.

The Treasure Hunters is another feature, to be sure, but it is at once our biggest effort as a team and our way to connect with the audience. In the near future, we are going to add a donation button to the main page. You see, this website is the most wonderful thing for us as creative people, and we eventually want to do this for a living. The foremost way we imagine to be able to do this is to offer something for you to want to donate for, and find a way to integrate that with some premium content. We aren’t going to make any of our comics pay to view. What we want is to give you something you can have a hand in as well, along with the DFG team.

Enter the collaborative story, The Treasure Hunters. I’ve gone and done its bare bones, but every person in the Darkfire team will have a character they’ll have a say in for the tale. What’s more, when a section ends, there will be several actions that can happen at the end. This is where you, the audience, have a chance to shape our world and affect the lives of the characters, and where the donations come into play. For every decision in the story, the amount of views and/or donations will affect the outcome. I’ll put more detail for that on the page for Treasure Hunters, and the decisions and donation goals for each installment will be posted at the end of every episode. Furthermore, if you donate over a specific amount or are one of the people whose donation hits a goal milestone, we send you a little gift, like a one-of-a-kind sketch or custom made wallpaper! Regardless of how much you send in, you have become a part of this story, along with all of our other readers.

Even if you never end up reading this new story, if you enjoy any of our content, please try to donate. We love making silly comics and cool things for you to read, and we want to continue doing this for years to come. Every little bit you can spare for us helps with that. Thank you for reading, and keep spreading the madness!

- Cael



Sunday Update!?

Don't get used to it, but I felt that people should know that we have started putting the site up on different Webcomic lists online, one of which gave us a niftly little add button over there on the right! The Webcomic List.com is but one of the sites we are now registerred on, and frankly if anybody who enjoys our site wants to help out, feel free to register this site or suggest it to any other forums or lists or whatever!

We love the hits we're getting and only want things to get BETTER!

For a reward, here is monday's Combat Disadvantage a day EARLY! woo!

Spread the madness! And Cael should have an update for you all very soon, probobly after i harrass him about it!



Slow Online, But Busy Offline!

I know this week has been slow on the updates, and not very eventful, that's because of the job hunt and preparing for new content coming to the site! Also Brandon has been looking into ways to get the site out there, find more people to corrupt!

But on to what you want to hear THE UPDATES!

New Ask Chris...appearently there seems to be problems hitting more of the site!

New Friday Downgraded, brought on by an issue found with the job hunt!



News and Update!

First we have an update to the Thoughts of Dragons blog on the Cael's Tales page.

Second we have some news! We're sorry for some updates taking so long or just not coming up, Tyler and Brandon recently moved and are trying to find some income so that we can keep this site moving, and so they can live! We really want this website to flourish, at least for Tyler and Brandon this site is making their dreams come true, this is what they wanted to do with their lives, so to help out we are looking into different means to make this site help us out so we can entertain YOU!

A few of these options have begun, being the ads you see appearing on the page, as well as looking into a PayPal Donate button which we will gladly make some insentives for the donations. BUT a big thing we need is a way to get the site KNOWN! you've all been doing so well showing your support and we want to find even more people, so we will be looking into, and will gladly take any advice, on how to get us out there so people can find us!

If you have any ways to help us out send an e-mail to darkfiregraphics@live.com

Spread the madness folks!



Extra Update!

We have spent most of the day talking to each member of DFG to see how things are coming and all that, and we also have been brainstorming some new ideas for the site, for instance:

We will be adding a new kind of story, this one will be a bit special! It will have a character made up from many (if not all) of the members here at DFG, cool huh? BUT it gets better! The story will progress in a different manner depending on what the Tyler sets as its current "Goal" which may confuse you a bit, allow me to explain.

Say we set the "Goal" for the current chapter to be 300 more views on the site, if that goal is hit then one outcome will occur, if not then one that may prove to be unfavorable to the characters may occur...more info shall be available as Tyler gets everything in order, expect this one to be REALLY soon! Like the next day or so!


First allow me to be the first to say thanks to all you people who come by the site, you're the reason that the dreams of some of us here at dfg are coming true...i say some because not every dream has to do with the site, and some of these dreams are a bit...creepy.

However, we here at DarkFireGraphics.com would like to thank you all for the absolutely amazing start to our website! We're amazed that in just 1 month we hit over 1100 views! Now on to bigger and better things, TacAp should be coming very soon, we know this comic shall bring in some laughs! Lots of new ideas are coming and we really want to hear what you think!

Don't be shy, let your friends know, and send us an e-mail or hit the discussion boards on the Facebook page!

Also keep checking back this afternoon/evening because we will have some more Extra content for you all in celebration for hitting our first month and doing so well! But to start things off, enjoy a new Ask Chris!

See you later on today!



Extra Update!

First things first...we need YOU, yes you...put your pants back on...but we need YOU to help US come up with a good name for our Friday Downgraded! posts. We need something clever, something fun, or just something, so that our friday posts pop just a bit more. Friday posts are the Downgraded!s we here at DFG like the most! so send us your ideas to darkfiregraphics@live.com or hit up the Facebook page with your idea! Don't be shy, we won't bite...

ALSO...This sunday will be our 1 month online! We will be posting some extra content on sunday for all you wonderful crazies who enjoy our site! New Ask Chris, Special Downgraded!, New Combat Disadvantage, Some writing from Cael, and whatever else our other associates working for us want to add! So spread the madness because we like to make you feel wonderful about yourselves!


Real Quick...

We shall return later today for a fuller, more exciting update, but since It's 6am here I quickly wanted to post something for people to see!

New Ask Chris, Maria.Griggs returns with yet another wonderful question, and seems to be playing off of a prior question...interesting!

New Downgraded! Friday, as you all may remember, is our special, Close-2-the-heart, Downgraded! post. So make sure you check out this weeks!

And later today we will be posting something that we need YOU the readers to help us with! So come back later today (prolly after 5pm) and check to see what YOU can do to help out your friendly neighborhood psychofreak!


We figured we could do it, but not THIS fast!

You are all awesome! 22 hours ago i said i wanted us to hit 1000 views by sunday, our 1 month online, and yet we got 200 views overnight! We're now over 1000 views in just under a month! Seriously thank you all! Please don't be shy, go post whats on your mind over at the Facebook page's Discussion boards! REALLY we want to hear from you wonderful wonderful people!



Sober Update!

Sorry for the drunken update, but at least I make sure to get the updates up no matter what state of mind I am in! That's a plus, I don't drink often, so this wont be a common occurrance...unless you want it to be.

Anyways, extra update for the day!

Cael's blog, Thoughts of Dragons, has been updated!

Ask Chris pages have been prettied up with too much makeup that was smearing it's face after we told it NO! So after forcing it to take a cold shower, Ask Chris has a new banner! Yay Cosmetic changes!

More of the site's content shall be having cosmetic changes so each one can have it's own 'I'm special' feeling...just as long as they don't go overboard!

So keep spreading the madness, our 1month anniversary of being online is this Sunday, the 12th, and I KNOW we can hit 1000 views! Thank you all for the support!


Quick Update! Since it's 5am and I drank!

We made good on our promise, ask chris question 10 was posted saturday, and I may have had to stay up extra late, dealt with no sleep most last week, I have completed the new Combat Disadvantage!

So real fast, while the tequila is letting me be sober enough, here's what you get today!

Downgraded! because it is monday now!

Ask Chris, question 11! because he is awesome at sending me them in groupings!

Combat Disadvantage, encounter 1 for the Wild Mage Campaign!

Enjoy, e-mail, and Comment the Facebook page!

Spread the madness...I'm guna go pass out due to drinking!



No update on the 2nd, but we're making up for it!

Due to some issues, we were unable to update yesturday, I deeply apologise for that, however to make it up to you all, we have this friday's Downgraded! up, as well as Ask Chris #9!

"But thats just normal updates!" That is you, well not you....but you, over there...you know who you are!

Don't worry, you honestly think thats all there is!? Think again, we normally don't update on weekends BUT...Ask Chris #10 will be posted tomorrow, saturday, and the next Combat Disadvantage is nearly complete so that WILL be up by Sunday NIGHT!

We love you, a lot...maybe too much. But you like the attention don't you?! Well keep spreading the madness and don't forget to pop by the Facebook page and make your voice be heard! ...Or read...



New Month, New Content Inbound!

Since it's a new month, and we've survived so far, I guess it's time to let you know what awesome and brain melting ideas are to come!

Tactical Apocalypse: The prime comic that we made the site originally for! This baby is important to us and we have the team working hard to make it as wonderful as possible! We here at DFG truely look forward to this comic, it will follow it's own storyline, and will have moments in the story that change it from humor to action...but we can never forget the humor! Keep watching for when this gem is finally unveiled to you, our wonderful viewers!

Cael's Tales: Some significant news just appeared on the blog, but here's an abbreiviated version. There is a second Triond feature heading for the Cael's Tales page, and when no new updates for either The Living Stone or this new story are to be had, the author wants his old fans to help him pick characters and stories that he might have mentioned before to write about to fill in for the regular stuff. Also, on the Facebook page, there is a discussion that Cael started for writers, called "Stay Awhile and Listen." This is a great place for lurking authors to haunt and post ideas for fan driven material. If enough interest is garnered, a collaborative story will be entertained on this discussion thread. Get your quill and parchment ready, scribes!

Reviews: The Reviews section is now going to be having another reviewer! Trussell Alley will be reviewing his favorite (and not so favorite) console and handheld games! Also you may see stray reviews from other staff members here at DFG, including the inevitable reviews (more then likely multiple) on the upcoming Guild Wars 2 game! (Brandon is a fanboy)

Combat Disadvantage: Brandon has been working more frequently on this comic so expect it to be posted more regularly! Also remember that this comic is a compilation of a few different story lines. So keep a look out for these CD Storylines;

  • Will & Simon: The New Gods Campaign
  • Dhyrn Doomtooth: The Outcasts Campaign
  • Flash~Fire: Tales of a Wild Mage
  • White Wolf: Waiting for Adventure
  • Zap and company: Adventurer's Guild
  • Granny Brutal?!

Salutations & Solutions: This one's only waiting for us to find a good way to post audio files. This content is essentially our version of a Podcast, filled with absolute nonsence and also will be a nice way for us to reach out and talk to you, the viewers. We can also answer questions, read off comments that we like, and ask YOU questions! This is one of our ways to reach out to our fans and make you feel like you matter, because you really do!

Fan Content: We will soon be accepting content that fans would like to submit, so if you want to make fan art, or want to turn one of your gaming sessions into a comic, or whatever you like, this here will be your chance! Be ready for when we open this up to all of you!

Facebook Discussion Boards: We already have this up, but want to point it out to you again! We really want to hear from you, and we want to be able to communicate back, so go to the facebook page, join, and start posting! We will notice, and we will acknowledge!

Comic Banners: That's right, merely a cosmetic change, but each comic, and maybe the other content on the site, will be getting upgraded with (at the very least) their own banners! It may seem small but we feel it makes our site look better for those of you who show your support!

Spread the madness folks, we love the views we're getting and know we can get more!

~Trent & Cael

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