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Welcome to DarkFireGraphics.com archive for October 2010. Here are our news posts for that month



The final round of the Halloween updates is now online!

Grimm returns to us with a review NOT OF A FALLOUT GAME! gasp

Grimm reviews Space Empires 5 for the PC! Check it out...not really halloween though...but who cares UPDATES!

DOWNGRADED! has returned for a special Halloween Update! Downgraded! Safety Tips for your Trick or Treating fun!

And remember to Spread the Madness while you are out Trick-Or-Treating!

Halloween, Round 3!

Round three is quick but GOOD!

Zap managed to get his Halloween Tabletop Review in late last night and it's now ready for all of YOU! Check it out, Zap's Review of All Flesh Must Be Eaten!

See you tonight for the FINAL round of Halloween Updates!

And remember to Spread the Madness while you are out Trick-Or-Treating!


Halloween, Round 2!

The second round of DarkFire Halloween updates!

Ask Chris is here and he's dressed himself up for halloween! Check it out!

New Thoughts of Dragons, Rose speaks her mind about Halloween and how she sees the holiday. It's rather insightful and gives you something to think about while you enjoy your night amongst the darkness.

That's round two! Hopefully Zap's Halloween review makes it to us tomorrow, I know he REALLY wants to make sure you guys get it in time, but his job hasn't been so nice...

See you tomorrow for the third round of Halloween Updates!

And remember to Spread the Madness while you are out Trick-Or-Treating!

Halloween, Round 1!

It's time for the first round of Halloween Updates!

Noctis brings us a review of a nice old video game; MediEvil II! The PS1 classic! This is his way of bringing Halloween spirit into the palm of your hand!

Our wonderful artist for Tactical Apocalypse, Kaitlin Hopkins, has drawn up a wonderful TacAp Halloween picture to share with you all! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

That's all for round one! Expect more as we continue through this ghouling weekend full of fear, candy, costumes, and maybe a little mischief...maybe...

And remember to Spread the Madness while you are out Trick-Or-Treating!



Updates and News!

New TacAp: Episode 2! The boys are on the hunt for a new apartment, but where could they possibly go to find help in their search? Also, will Cael kill Grimm, it seems likely at the moment!

New Ask Chris! Chris is back with some new toys from that nice budget increase the show pulled out of it's ass! Check it out, it must be some fancy stuff!

Also, be ready for Halloween specials here at DarkFire Graphics! Expect some reviews, a special something from TacAp artist Kaitlin "Kit" Hopkins, If Cael gets the chance something from his writer's mind, and maybe even I, Trent, shall do something special for you all! So get ready because it should be lots of fun!

Also with some new changes to the Main Page layout, expect some more changes to the looks and feel of the site! This include some new bits on the main page, and Ad Space! There aren't any ads JUST YET, but with the new Ad companies we're signing up with that shouldnt last much longer!

Also The Current Online Game section to the left, Cael and I Thought it would be nice to let you all know what online game you could find us at! Eventually, once we get the Meet the Staff page up, you can check out every member's current online game! So come play with us!

Spread the madness!




New TacAp: Episode 1! Yes the first one was actually called episode 0...after all that one didn't have the forth wall installed yet, but now it is...so let the show begin! well....comic begin...

New Games Out of Time! Zap is back and this time he's got a quickie review, he normally does little known RPGs but today he's got some D&D 4E Dark Sun, with some bits on his glory days back in 2E Dark Sun! Check it out, and remember its a quickie, he's got something planned for Halloween!

New Thoughts of Dragons blog post from Cael!

Spread the madness!



News and Updates

Ask Chris has been update, and he has a favor to ask of ALL OF YOU! Yes, Chris needs your help with ideas for the show! Check out the comic for more details!

Sorry for the lies about TacAp's update, having some issues right now, but i've got the next 2 nights off so I will be trying to pump out as much content as I can while still getting some time to relax before getting back to work! TacAp may be late, but it will be up, It is the first thing I plan to finish, and I will make sure to post it as soon as it's done!

Thank you, and spread the madness!



Important News!

I think it's important to give you all an explanation as to the going's on here at DFG HQ. Tyler Clapp (Cael) and myself, Brandon Griggs (Trent), have just recently started our full-time jobs at VMS working 11pm-7:30am. Needless to say, this effects the site, and it's content. Some of the content is not done by us, however that list is short; Ask Chris and Games Out of Time reviews.

Because of our busy schedules Tyler is mainly focusing on getting his writing done as quick as he can. I myself am trying my best to keep all the managing and updating of the site going as smooth as possible, this doesn't leave me much time to work on Downgraded!, Combat Disadvantage and Coloring TacAp(which takes priority so expect today's update by the end of the day)

It may take some time for me to get used to the new schedule so please bare with me. We do love your support and are NOT giving up on the site! However certain features like Combat Disadvantage may slow down more-so then usual. Just remember, my hope and goal for DarkFireGraphics.com is for it to become my one and only job, however that's impossible this early in the game.

So keep up the support, keep sending us e-mails, keep commenting us thru Facebook, give us some tweets, and keep SPREADING THE MADNESS!

Also, the more donations we recieve will be rewarded, the first insentive will be more frequent updates to the site! This doesn't mean we WON'T update, it means your donations will encourage me to pump out updates FASTER!

Thanks for your time and support!

~Brandon "Trent" Griggs


Updates & News

Been a busy week here for myself. sorry for the lack of updates on Downgraded! but you can expect that to happen while I get used to my new schedule. I will try to get back into the flow ASAP but do remember that I will still be posting everything else as it comes in!

Speaking of which, today we have:

New Ask Chris, seems animals are a new "thing" for his show...sounds fun!

New Friday Downgraded! and don't call me lazy for this one, because they all take about the same amount of effort! ^_^

Reminder, check out Treasure Hunters, our story where YOU have the power to effect the story. The deadline for each month's chapter post is the 20th, then we could all donations after that date for next month's. Check it out!

Also, we're now experimenting with Twitter!

Spread the madness!



Updates & News

Sorry everybody for the lack of update yesturday, I was busy all weekend and really tired, and since i started my new job yesturday as well I just fell asleep when i got home. So here's the updates!

New Ask Chris! Terry.Griggs is back with more questions...and Chris has a guest appearance!

Cael's Tales has a new story called Dragon Hero, Check it out here and if you liked Treasure Hunters, Thoughts of Dragons, or The Living Stone then I'm sure you're gunna love this!

Downgraded! is on a little down time, that should change by tomorrow...

And lastly Tactical Apocalypse is online! Check out Episode 0, where you get to meet the characters, and now our nicknames make some sense seeing as how the comic they are linked to is finally up!

Remember, if you like what you see and want to see it happen more often, donations really help make it so someday this site can be my job!

Spread the Madness!




This week's Friday Downgraded! is up, and its a special poster made by Cael without any of Trent's help!

Ask Chris is up to 26 now, It's great to know the fans have so many questions that MUST be answered...no matter how poorly.

TACTICAL APOCALYPSE! Do I have your attention? Good! There have been many delays, many problems, and many people bothing me as to when it will be finally real. Well on monday IT WILL! TacAp will finally see light of day on monday, and will (Hopefully) be a regular monday update, if our artist has any problems then Cael and Trent shall come up with something interesting to put in it's place! So get ready because the story that actually USES our nicknames is finally coming!

Also, no the ADs aren't broken. Google removed them...soooo, we'll be looking into other options and maybe just making the space available for anybody to place their own AD!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going away for the weekend. I'll be back for monday to get the updates to you!

Keep spreading the madness, we hope to become an epidemic!




New Downgraded! this one has to do with the company that WAS our advertisement, and why we don't have ads anymore!

New Ask chris, today chris gives us 2 answers for the price of one!

Cael's Tales, Thoughts of Dragons update! It's a little late but Cael and myself have just gotten new jobs and have been a bit busy, but things should catch back up soon!

Spread the Madness, you never know who will find enjoyment from us!




Combat Disadvantage is up, issue #1 for the Adventurer's Guild! Also working on issue #2 of the other campaigns!

Downgraded! posted, last one from Cronos and then I return to the Downgraded! Throne! ...hmm that gives me an idea...

And don't forget to check out Treasure Hunters! You have the power to drive the story towards different directions!

Spread the Madness!



News and Updates

Getting the monday posts done early this week, mostly because my sleep schedule is messed up at the moment. But also because I shall be busy through the wee hours of the morning playing with TacAp and Combat Disadvantage now that THE LAPTOP IS OK!

But here's what's new:

New Ask Chris, a question I'm sure many people have been wondering...

Grim is back and continuing his reviews on the Fallout Series, this time we have Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel! NOW WITH PICTURES!

Noctis, our newest member to the team, begins his time with us with his review on Katamari Damacy! Check him out!

Always working to better ourselves for your benefit, even if it means I never sleep!

Spread the Madness, and send me some energy drinks!



News and Updates

Happy Binary Day!

It's a new month, so lets hope the problems of last month STAY with last month!

Friday Downgraded! is online, thanks once again to our own Cronos, maker of Ask Chris.

I revcieved the new power cord today so Tac Ap and Combat Disadvantage will get completed this weekend!

Also I'm planning to get you all an extra combat disadvantage to make up for the lateness on it's posting! Primarily because I like you all and think those pants look GREAT on you! ;)

Let's all hope for a better month, and I'm curious if we can hit 3000 hits by the 12th, because that'll be the end of our second month online! and doubling our first month's hits seems to be VERY possible thanks to everyone who enjoys our site!

Let's keep this baby growing!

Spread the Madness!


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