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4000 Names On The Naughty List!
Welcome to DarkFireGraphics.com archive for December 2010. Here are our news posts for that month



We at DarkFire Graphics hope each and everybody out there has a wonderful New Years Celebration! If you can't remember it, then it must have been amazing!

To begin the night Click Here for the New Years TacAp wallpaper!

Due to drinking, some uploads are taking a bit longer than expected. But they should be up soon.

We have a recording for the first audio recording for the feature Salutations & Solutions. It's the New Years short special to give you fans a sneak peak into what's coming! However we need to find a place to upload to...Appearently Youtube won't let me upload an MP3, and I can't seem to upload it on the Facebook Fan page too...we'll figure out something. It will just take longer than expected...



News and Updates!

First things first, The final round of holiday updates is being merged with New Years, So those updates will be coming in the next couple days!

I hope everybody out there in the interweb enjoyed their holidays so far! Get the drinks ready so that we all can forget the year and usher in a new year of confusion and sheer madness!

For today, however, we bring you a new Ask Chris! Chris has gone rapid again in this issue, so check it out!

TacAp has a new issue coming as well in the next couple of days!

Downgraded! is coming back for the New Year! The program needed to reboot, and a Downgraded! program takes some time to reboot!

Cael has informed me that he will have the next chapter of Treasure Hunters very soon, and maybe a new chapter for one of his other tales! If you haven't checked out these wonderful stories yet, why not read them now! I'm sure you will enjoy!

Thanks again for all the support we've gotten from all of you since we began in late August, we hope that this next year can prove to be an impressive one that may bring us closer to our goal of working the site full time to bring you daily madness!



Xmas Updates Final Round!?

Sorry everybody, but I only have enough time here at the DFG HQ for this here news update. The final round will have to be delayed till the 26th, Xmas plans changed a little and unexpected events occur, as they often do at this time of year!

So with that said I would like to quote the great Dennis Leary in saying,

"I'm HIGH as a kite and my teeth are GREEN,

Merry F%$@IN Christmas!"

And don't forget this holiday season to smile big at your family and friends and simply just... Spread the Madness!

~Trenty Claus


Xmas Updates Round 2!

For round 2, we have 2 TacAp specials!

Click Here for the Tac Ap Xmas wallpaper! As usual default size is 1600x1200!

Also check out the latest TacAp, a bit of a Xmas filler if you will. Check the wallpaper first though, they kinda work well together!

That's all for now, I'll be away for a couple day so the Final Round will be on Xmas Eve!

Spread the Madness!



Xmas Updates!

Well, with our scedules this busy season being crazy, there hasn't been much for you all... BUT we still have some xmas updates for you!

Round 1: FIGHT!

New Ask Chris, Holiday special! He really is worse than a cat,

Thoughts of Dragons Xmas blog post! Check it out!

More updates are coming for this festive season!

Spread the madness, and for xmas I really want a Tardis!


News and Updates!

Sorry, still workin out the current issues, but we'll post through them what we can!

Today we have a new Ask Chris, and he's speeding through his questions tonight! Check it out!



News and Updates!

Sorry for all the delays, things have been hectic here. There has been a lot of offline issues, many having to do with the site. For one, the ads are finally getting taken care of. So thank you all for the patience, we will be getting back on track soon, as well as some new changes to the site.

As for updates, new Ask Chris! The aftermath of his Thanksgiving dinner.

Hopefully we will get to some more updates this weekend, stay tuned!



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