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New Year, New Challenges, New Madness!
Welcome to DarkFireGraphics.com archive for January&February 2011. Here are our news posts for that month


News and Updates!

After my short little vacation, came home to some issues. Working through them, again, but providing updates whenever we can!

Today we've got two new updates for you! But first, a reminder that we fixed the issue with the link to Chapter 3 of Treasure Hunters!

New Ask Chris! It seems Chris has a problem that everybody in the world fears!

New Combat Disadvantage, Adventurer's Guild is back, and the Rowsdower is causing more headaches! Check it out, our new artist is now in charge of Combat Disadvantage artwork!

Cael has an interesting new story to upload to the site, It's his first big story he started years ago. From Cael to you, Twinsoul! Check it out! Also, for lovers of Cael's stories, We will be moving his other works to the site, too many complaints about the layouts from where they are currently hosted. Stay tuned for that update!

Expect more to come, whenever the interwebs allows it!

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Before I Leave, Updates!

Ok folks, before I leave for a little vacation with my sweety for ol' V-Day, lets get some updates!

New Ask Chris, one of the age-old questions has been asked and Chris... well... you'll see!

New Combat Disadvantage, FAN SUBMISSION! The newest member of the DFG team submitted our first two CD~FS as means to win us over! Check out his second one, and prepare for the RETURN of Combat Disadvantage, with a new artist!

Noctis is back with a review of OVERLORD! Check this one out, and afterwards he has some options for requests on what to review next! So don't forget to send him your choice!

AND LASTLY, TREASURE HUNTERS CHAPTER 3 IS ONLINE! Please check out the Treasure Hunters page for new details on how the voting system will work. This chapter doesn't have voting open just yet, but check out how the story unwinds in Chapter 3 of Treasure Hunters!

Spread the Madness, whilst I go spread the love! ;)



Curse you Interwebs!

So these updates have been waiting since there have been constant hassles since they have been ready. So here you are!

New Tactical Apocalypse, the boys have finally found a good choice for an apartment, about time too! They really have begun to stink up the place!

New Downgraded! Some fun at Allstate insurance for a bit of a no-no they have done recently.

New Ask Chris, Check it out, he's back and ready for punishment!

Expect more coming, mainly because the pages are causing me issues, including Zap's audio review #1 from Snowcon and Noctis video game review!

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New Combat Disadvantage is online! It's the first Fan Submission for Combat Disadvantage, and I think this guy has some great stuff!

ASK CHRIS IS BAAAACK! I know there are lots of fans out there who've missed our dear talkshow host, and he's back with the reason for his absence. Check it out!

Spread the Madness! More updates are coming including the RETURN of Tactical Apocalypse, plus we've got the first audio review from Zap at SnowCon!



Updates are BACK!!

Alright, working through the issues but we're back with some updates!

After all the fun and time we had over the holidays it's about damn time to get off our little slump and back into the saddle, This horse's shotguns aren't gunna load themselves!

New Downgraded! It's been a while but the DG system is back online, this newest one shows just what we've been looking at.

New Grimm review! This time he hits the warfront with technological precision with Supreme Commander 2!

Thoughts of Dragons has been updated a few times as well, haven't been able to make mention here on the news feed til now.

Expect some more updates tomorrow, including a new Combat Disadvantage fan submission! I'm really excited by this one and it's a pretty good one too!

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Finally I have gotten the audio to work! CLICK ANYWHERE in this paragraph to get to the NEW YEARS 2011 Issue of Salutations & Solutions! If it doesn't work on your specific computer, shoot an e-mail with the problem to trent_the_leader@live.com

Now that that brain tumor is out of the way, I can finally get to working on everything else!

I want you all to know I've been putting a lot of time in getting this issue fixed because we're planning on doing more audio features in the near future! It's our way of making sure we provide you fans with something when we get swamped and are running behind.

It may seem like a diversionary tactic but trust me, we only want to bring you content, no matter what!

With that said, first thing changing is the organization of the site's layout, including making room for our audio feature Salutations & Solutions! So expect that change in the next day or so!

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