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TableTop Reviews with Zap!

Jeff Robicheau reviews different tabletop games, some less known then others. Consider these reviews to be an ideal way to learn some interesting little tidbits of information into some new game ideas to play with your group of DnD buddies or BESM pals. You never know, you may like some of these little known gems!

Dark Sun : Quick Review

Hello again, today we're going to take a quick look at the new 4E Dark Sun material from WOTC.

I know, Zap reviewing something from 4E? Isn't he the guy that has a vast collection of RPGs that no one has ever heard of? Does he even play D&D? Well, I do. I, like most people, I got my start in roleplaying games with D&D (red box to be exact) and I do play 4E and I can't wait to start a Dark Sun campaign.

The original Dark Sun was released in 1991, which presented gamers with a post apocalyptic fantasy world where metals are rare and water is scarce. Magic destroys the environment and the rulers are evil sorcerer kings.

It did not just present a new world, but also changed the characters and people within it. Some races and classes were removed or changed. There were no paladins, elves were untrustworthy desert nomads, halflings are cannibalistic guardians of the forest. And with the new additions of classes and two new races, the Muls (half dwarves) and the Insectoid race of the Thri-Kreen, it was quite the change from the standard gaming of the day.

I really enjoyed playing Dark Sun back in my 2E days; in fact I still play it. When I heard of the coming release for 4E I couldn't wait to see how they would fit the original to the 4E system. I wasn’t disappointed. They did a great job keeping the feel of the setting. While they didn’t include the Dark Sun classes gladiator, templar, or preserver, with the new theme you can pick your class and race and the theme to be a Gladiator, Athasian, Minstrel, or even a Templar to better fit the setting.

But with a new setting, they did change the fluff of DS to allow for some of the new PC races from 4E such as Dragonborn, Eladrin, and Tieflings. They have given them their own place in the history of Dark Sun. Most other changes are minor and did not really affect the feel of Dark Sun besides the obvious changes in the mechanics from 2E to 4E. I feel this re-edition of Dark Sun is well thought out and a great addition to the 4E line.

If you are interested in Dark Sun, I suggest the campaign guide. It has all the rules for making a DS character and tons of fluff and maps and is great for people new to Dark Sun and gamers coming back as well. For the DMs planning on running a DS get I reccomend getting the Dark Sun creature catalog as well, it has a lot of great monsters unique to the Dark Sun world and a level 1 solo monster as well.

With that said, 4E Dark Sun will be a great gaming experience for new gamers and old alike. Despite the small discrepancies that only us old codgers notice. So keep rolling those dice and never stop using your imagination.



Written By Jeff Robicheau. Edited by Tyler Clapp. All references, icons, and imagery are trademark to their appropriate owners, and author and editor take no credit for creation/ownership of these things, only the opinions stated in this article.