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Gaming Reviews with Noctis

Trussell Alley reviews his favorite (and not so favorite) video games, covering different consoles and handhelds. Noctis goes into what he likes, and what should have been fixed about eaech game. Maybe you'll find some games on here you have played or maybe want to play!

Katamari Damacy

Hello all, Noctis here with a brief overview of the kinds of reviews you'll be seeing from me. Ill mainly be sticking to console and letting my esteemed associates handle most of the PC work. My focus will be working with Playstation, Microsoft’s platforms, and Nintendo. You know, the basics.

Today I’ll be reviewing Katamari Damacy, a Playstation 2 game published by Namco and released September 2004. This game is addicting – some say all video games are addicting. Katamari, however, is crack, cocaine, LSD, heroin even. But at the same time the game is grating with some of its major parts. Now don’t let any of this throw you off, Katamari has endeared millions with its quirky humor and strange dialogue. The only problems I had were color and music choice.

But wait before I get into flaws I want to talk about what the game is actually about, rolling up random items to reform the stars in the heavens because your father, the King of all Cosmos, got hammered and destroyed the heavens. Yes boys and girls, your job is to roll up anything and everything you can to make you Katamari, or ball, bigger to make up for your dads mistake. Now when I say everything I mean everything from yen to giant mushrooms even the very building you may be in right now could potentially be picked up and rolled around and used to pick up more. Now as your Katamari gets larger and hits certain periods of growth its upgrades and allows you to stick even larger objects to it so on and so forth until your time is up or you reach the target size for your Katamari to be used to replace a star.

That being said, on to what should have been fixed.

Color: The world of Katamari is based in a world were random things are everywhere now when I say random I mean “why is the building rotating on a pedestal made of children” random, or “why is the soccer ball as large as the school.” Now, that’s random, but it’s not a color problem. That is when the color of the soccer ball is so bright it hurts or the when the worlds looks like a kaleidoscope. Namco, we love you, but you make our eyes bleed sometimes, or make me wish I was colorblind.

Music: Okay, everyone likes music. I do too, strange music sometimes even. But the music of Katamari sometimes made me want to punch small children. This music hell I'm speaking of consists of small Asian schoolchildren singing random music in a language most of us don't understand. Now, mind you, the music does change quite often so sometimes it’s not that bad but the sheer repetition of it all makes you want to cry after a while, so my advice is play this game with your own music playing on your stereo.

Overall, Katamari is amazing; I seriously played this game for 9 hours straight. It's not recommended but its fun, innovative, and – did I mention – crack for the brain. Pick it up, if you can’t rent it, buy it. Make it a part of your life in one way or another and tell me your life isn't just a little brighter.



my next major review will be of Suikoden the first installation of a beloved series to hardcore gamers, besides that you’d best believe I'm gonna get something else random.

Written By Trussell Alley. Edited by Tyler Clapp. All references, icons, and imagery are trademark to their appropriate owners, and author and editor take no credit for creation/ownership of these things, only the opinions stated in this article.