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Gaming Reviews with Noctis

Trussell Alley reviews his favorite (and not so favorite) video games, covering different consoles and handhelds. Noctis goes into what he likes, and what should have been fixed about eaech game. Maybe you'll find some games on here you have played or maybe want to play!

MediEvil II


Happy Halloween viewers, or should I say readers. Noctis back with another blast from the past, Sony’s 2000 PS1 Classic MediEvil II. A cult classic to a lot of gamers and a great game in total. Today is a basic overview of one of the PS1 golden oldies, but before you start thinking I’m off my rocker I’m gonna tell you I haven’t played this game in years and I have a vague memory of it, however there all good memories.


Medievil II is based in Victorian London and follows our undead hero Sir Daniel Fortesque as he fight legions of undead and mythical monsters under the control of the Vile Palethorn. Our hero Dan fights thru many levels from the Museum you start in to the streets of London and the great cathedral helped by a motley crew of Ghosts and Shopsman.


Now we get to the nitty gritty of the review: Gameplay, controls, weapons, music, and looks.

Gameplay: Medievil II plays like many other platformers and shares many of the weaknesses. But at its heart and soul loves its action and mystery. Whether your storming through London’s streets hunting for an exit, or replaying the museum collecting souls for a new weapon. Some of the puzzles can prove to be difficult but overall aren’t too hard. The enemies vary from level to level a bit but overall you’ll mostly see just new skins on old foes. Apart from boss fights expect a bit of tedium fighting the same old enemies.


Controls: Medievil II’s controls are pretty easy to just pick up and play, only problem I ever had was camera control. The camera could sometimes be a bit picky and get in the way in crucial moments. Or would just be stuck in certain places were you wanted to move it. Overall though, the controls were simpleenough to not throw you off if you put it down for a few days.



Weapons: Ahh, the sweet spot for zombie and Demon killing. Medievil II sports 18different weapons from your own arm to *dun dundun* a Gatling gun. Upgradeable armor, Shields, and life fountains and vials fill out an otherwise great assortment.


Music and Looks: Bleak and dreary, dark and whimsical . Running through London’s dark and dreary back allies with haunting strings and deep bass playing brings out the chill in all of us. Being polygonal its hard to really be mad at the graphics sometimes, the shading is right and texturing blends in well for its sharp corners and grainy texture.


Overall Medievil II is a great game and I fully endorse it play it if you ever get a chance and don’t shun the lower quality this isn’tfinal fantasy, legend of dragoon, of anything like that. Though you can expect me to review more like them.



Till later loyal viewers happy Halloween and stay away fromsevered hands…




Written By Trussell Alley. Edited by Tyler Clapp. All references, icons, and imagery are trademark to their appropriate owners, and author and editor take no credit for creation/ownership of these things, only the opinions stated in this article.