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Gaming Reviews with Noctis

Trussell Alley reviews his favorite (and not so favorite) video games, covering different consoles and handhelds. Noctis goes into what he likes, and what should have been fixed about eaech game. Maybe you'll find some games on here you have played or maybe want to play!


Ladies and gentlemen Noctis back for more of gaming’s greatest hits and misses. Today I bring you a hit from our closer past Overlord.

Overlord comes to us courtesy of the guys at Codemasters and Triumph Studios and was released June of 2007. In this review I will be covering the aspects of gameplay, music, camera controls, and visuals.

Gameplay: "The Overlord is gone, All Hail the New Overlord." For some reason I just love that line. Anyway, here’s the review. Overlord excels in its gameplay which is a new take on your classic, “you’re here, that’s the bad guy, go kill him by throwing in the minions.” Yes, that’s right people, I said the minions, now I’m gonna break down and say the minions are great. They really do make this game great. They are broken down into 4 categories and you can have 50 at a time.

Browns: browns make up your basic grunt minions.As your main boys,the brute squad, the heavy hitters, the movers, the shakers, the sammichmakers. 9 times out of ten you’ll be using your browns over the other three as there the toughest ones and can get the most out of the equipment you’ll be finding.

Reds: Your Red minions make up your ranged attacks. But they don’t use bows or anything, they throw fireballs, and along with that there immune to fire and can in some cases they put out fires that are in your way. Although where they’re the caster type they do tend to be rather squishy.

Greens: Greens are a different type of a melee minion. They are softer than browns but as melee damage they’re great. Greens can be thought of as assassins, or ninjas. If set to guard a spot they turn invisible and leap onto your enemies’ backs for extra backstabbing damage, also they’re immune to poison, and can disable the plants or anything that produce the poison.

Blues: Blues are your healers. Being healers they can’t take a hit and are better for standing around and waiting for the other minions to die and then resurrecting them. Being magic based they are used for killing magic enemies.

Minions are so useful. As you can sweep them to cover areas or you can target and shoot them at select enemies to overpower and destroy. You can station your minions on guard marks you place to control bottlenecks or station select minions at special points were they’d be more useful. Gameplay handles pretty easily and you can pick up and play without having to worry too much about difficulty.


Music: Overlord has some ok music, good not great there isn’t much depth or variety, a lot of the time the only audio company you have is the sound of your minions breaking stuff or killing enemies.


Camera Controls: Overlord has a great way of handling the camera, its gives you a bit of an option: from behind, or from above. From above can be a bit goofy as you can sometimes lose sight of your minions if you don’t keep them on a short leash. The over the back way of control is my preferred type, sometimes it can be a bit awkward but overall it works.




Visuals; Did I mention the Minions? They’re pretty too. The visuals are great; if I had an HD TV I’d be playing in that just to say Ohhh and Ahhh. There are a bunch of different areas to go to and spread your evil domain from the grassy, mellow hills of halfling homes and dwarf mountain homes, to a vast desert.


In completion, Overlord is great. Whether you’re choosing to be good/evil or evil/evil, you’ll have fun throwing your minions up against hordes of enemies, and battling the heroes that took down your dark tower.


Now readers it’s up to you to keep us going I need your help to decide what is coming up next out of my reviews. Let me know: Overlord 2, Kingdom Hearts, or Beyond Good and Evil let me know what you wanna see. Till next time readers, Noctis out.

Written By Trussell Alley. Edited by Tyler Clapp. All references, icons, and imagery are trademark to their appropriate owners, and author and editor take no credit for creation/ownership of these things, only the opinions stated in this article.