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Treasure Hunters: The Roster

Loran – When you think of the kind of people who become explorers, you do not think of the image that Loran presents. Still young in body and in spirit, Loran is possessed of a mental acuity far surpassing his peers of similar age. Although he has a brilliant mind, he is still young and has difficulty reconciling his passion and his forethought. His true talent lies not in study but in field work, just what the Loremasters of the Harkenal Explorers’ Society (also called HarkErS) are looking for in a Scripter, the field researchers of the Society. He is driven to this dangerous life in search of the truth behind the Myth of the Arkyn, the race once said to have created Arkyneth.


Keereth – The Harkers do not make a habit of hiring the creatures they study. But when it came to Keereth, the dog-sized green dragon who returned with Loran after a mission of which he was the only survivor, the leaders saw it fit to assign him to Loran as a permanent Handguard, the bodyguards to the Scripters. Keereth’s powers of speech are dubious, but he is still rather intelligent for a hatchling. Though he is small in stature, his natural strength combined with his fierce draconic pride make him a formidable opponent. He considers Loran his clutch mate and anyone who doubts the might of this dragonchild is in for a nasty surprise.


Zook – Zook is a gnome that’s getting up there in age. Despite this he still acts as though he were but a young lad, looking for adventure and people to surround himself with to avoid dangerous tasks. In combat he is still capable but tends to hang back and use his head to get his summoned minions and fellow travelers the info they need to get through danger as easily as possible. He is driven by money and likes to act like a bumbling joker, secretly using this to keep the party from infighting and using the money to help out those who are out on their luck. Recently he has contracted himself out to the Harkers, as for why… who knows what ideas he has going through his head!


Alistair – This young half-elf, raised by members of the order of Ioun in Praidus, studied and trained under the head librarian of his church. Despite his young age, he is becoming well known for his extensive knowledge and study in his favorite field: history and artifacts pertaining to ancient cultures and religions. He has done little field research but is excited to get out into a world he has had no real experience with, as an acting liaison for the church of Ioun.


Vorshek – The snake people of the Shay Desert have fallen a long way from the empire they had hundreds of years ago, but their pride has not been diminished in the least. Vorshek is perhaps the embodiment of Shayath pride, without any of the tempering wisdom his species usually possesses. His clan chose him to be a Pathwinder, the envoys of the Shayath throughout Arkyneth, and he made his way to Harkenal under the advice of a Wise One, who foresaw a light for his people in the Harkers. Vorshek wants nothing less than the restoration of the Shay Empire, and there are no lengths he will avoid to make that happen.


Mou Hyde – Mystery follows this man, and the search for justice guides him. His origins are unknown, his memory of the past is gone, and his eyes are set firmly on the horizon. More to come …


Thaddeus – Thaddeus Rillion, an older human, works as a Inquisitor in Praidus, a town not far from Harkenal. In this job he uses his knack for talking with people and noticing or remembering details others miss or forget to root out both crime and mischief in this town. He is also becoming somewhat known as the go-to for information and sometimes takes requests from clients to find something out or retrieve something stolen. More to come …


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