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Treasure Hunters

Greetings, Reader. You have found a very special story indeed! This is a story you can help shape as it is written, and help it along as it goes. I’ll tell you more about that as we go along.

This is the story of a group of explorers trying to find The Orygos, the supposed remnant of the creation of the world of Arkyneth. What the Orygos is … that’s what they aren’t really sure of. It could be a place, a weapon, a book, or a collection of magical cooking utensils, for all our heroes know. What they are certain of is that other factions are seeking the Orygos as well; some believe it is the key to reshaping not only Arkyneth but the whole universe. They want to make sure something that could be that powerful does not end up in the wrong hands. You can help them achieve that.

At the end of every installment, there will be a choice for our heroes to make. This could be anything from what path to take in their travels to how a particular hero should attack the enemy in front of him. You can influence the outcome of this decision by voting at the end of the chapter. Every decision will have a number attached to it, and all you have to do is email your choice to cael_the_sage@live.com, and the choice that gets the most votes will be the one the character’s make. Every vote has a value of “1” for that choice, and you can vote once a week. If you want to influence the vote even more in a week, you can donate to Darkfire Graphics with the Paypal button. Every dollar you attach to the vote will get you an extra vote, essentially. Just remember to say what selection you’re voting for in the paypal notes.

So, emailing votes is worth “1”, and donating one dollar is worth “1” as well. If you voted for one choice and donated 5 dollars, you would have a vote worth “6”, and 6 would be tallied on to that choice.

For example, say Loran is trapped alone in a room and has managed to find a dagger on the floor, and a goblin is facing him down. His decisions might look like this:

1: Loran throws the dagger at the goblin and tries to run away
2: Loran rushes the goblin, brandishing the dagger menacingly
3: Loran kicks dirt at the goblin’s face and then makes his attack.

If 3 people wanted the first option, 4 people wanted the second option and one donated a dollar, and 2 people wanted the third option but donated three dollars each as well, the tallies would be 1=3, 2=5, and 3=6, and Loran would kick dirt at the goblin before attacking in next month’s installment.

So check back here often, this story will be updated once every month, more often if we get the interest and backing for it. Remember, as our readers, this is your story as much as ours. Our heroes need your help … follow their tale and help them where you can. We thank you for any amount you can share.

-The DFG Staff

The Treasure Hunters Roster


Chapter 1: Bring the world home.

Chapter 2: Of books and birds.

Chapter 3: A Recipe for Mutiny- Part 1.


Treasure Hunters is a copyright of darkfiregraphics.com and Tyler Clapp, All rights reserved. October 1, 2010